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Gummy Smile

Gummy smile

When you show an excessive display of gum tissue in smile you have a Gummy smile.  The causes of Gummy smile area as follows:

  1. Your teeth may covered by excessive gum tissue due to Altered Passive Eruption. Therefore they appear short, even though they might actually be at the proper length.
  2. The muscle of your upper lip could be hyperactive, causing your upper lip to rise up higher than normal when you smile.
  3. Over growth of upper jaw may cause a Gummy smile

Gummy smile could be treated by procedures such as Esthetic crown lengthening (increasing the length of teeth), Lip repositioning.  

These kids of patients have an excessive amount of gum tissue that is exposed while smiling often referred to as a “Gummy Smile”. Gummy Smile can be treated with either Esthetic crown lengthening or/ and Lip repositioning.


 gummy-smile-2    gummy-smile-3
before                  after
 samira2    samira-1
before                  after
                  before                    after
                   before                 after
                   before                after
 1a    1b
                  before                 after
 2a    2b
                  before                  after
 3a    3b
                  before                  after

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