I had a bone loss in my front lower two teeth and my dentist told me that he needs to extract both front teeth. I asked him to consult with a fellow dentist who was also working at the same clinic. Both doctors recommended the extraction of the two teeth. I refused to accept their recommendation.

I was then referred to a periodontics clinic,There I got the same answer that is to extract my both tooth. I decided to go to another periodontics clinic, and was again given the same answer, to extract both teeth because of severe bone loss. Luckily my sister had seen Dr. Nooshin and highly recommended her. Dr. Nooshin treated me with gum surgery and bone graphy. Three months later after my follow-up, both front teeth were not moving . Dr. Nooshin saved both of my front teeth. I highly recommend Dr. Nooshin for periodontic diseases, because 2 other periodontics doctors could not save my teeth, yet she did.  She was very reasonable on cost, and her staff was very courteous   Thanks very much Dr. Nooshin! For saving my teeth