Doctor Nooshin Ghayoumi is truly amazing. Her specialty is periodontics (treatment of damage due to gum disease) and implants. As I am getting older and my gums are recedin I had to go to her when I needed a second opinion about some bad advice I had been given.

It is possible when at a medical health care professional to get unneeded treatment. While this is wrong, it still can happen. My experience is that the soluton to this is to deal with people that are highly competent and highly ethical. Dr. Ghayoumi falls in this category. She received her DDS degree in 1992 and attended an extensive three year program at the University of Southern California. She has performed thousands of implant surgeries. I am very particular about anyone that operates on my body and refused to consider implants before consulting Dr. Ghayoumi. She has published several publications in referreed publications and was at one time a clinical assistant professor at USC. Although implants have become an established procedure she is someone that can really be trusted and I recommend her most highly. The implant procedure does not take a long time or involve too much pain. I recommend that you follow all her directives with care including using ice on the operated areas. Her staff are well picked, competent and friendly. She accepts all major insurances and can work with people without insurance. If you are considering an implant I consider you have the full work done by consulting with her. She can also handle all kinds of situations including people without insurance. You can tell that she knows what she is doing. My experience is that Dr. Ghayoumi is rigorously honest. Patients can trust her entirely.