I came to Dr.Ghayoumi to fix my gummy smile. I’ve always had overbite and overjet of my upper teeth and a gummy smile . I’ve gone through braces 2wice and still my problem hasn’t been solved. My gummy smile always bothered me and whenever i laughed i had to cover my mouth bc i was always embarassed.

I’ ve been searching for a solution, i’ve been told that i might need to get a jaw surgery and braces again. I didnt’t want to go thorugh a jaw surgery bc of all the complications it has afterward. So i continued searching and i came up with a procdure called Lip Repositioning surgery. I read about it online and came across Dr.Ghayoumi’s website. The procdure didn’t sound complicated and the before and after pictures really amazed me. I decided to give it a try and have a consultaion with Dr.Ghayoumi and if i am a good candidate have the procedure done the same day. Dr. Ghayoumi is truely amazing, she is so humble, nice and professional. She told me all about the procedure and she said that i am a great candidate. The procedure took about 45 mins ( my case was a really hard one bc my bite wasn’t even on both sides) . she is so picky of what she does and she takes her time. After the surgery i had little swelling for the first few day and just a little discmfort on the first day which is normal. I am so happy with the result and i wish i knew about this procedure before. If u or anyone u know that suffers from gummy smile i would definitely recommend to have a consultation with Dr.Ghayoumi